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About our school

Colo High School Learning Community comprises students, staff, parents and community members, working together in a collaborative environment, ensuring educational opportunities and outcomes for all students.

Colo High School is a proud, comprehensive high school. It has an outstanding record of achievement in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. The school community is situated in the semi-rural Hawkesbury area and was established in 1978 primarily through the initiatives of the community.

This cooperation with the school community is symbolised in the Colo emblem, which is representative of the bonding of community, staff and students. The School Plan reflects Colo High School's willingness to embrace the future in developing a cooperative culture with its school community, as well as a culture of excellence and lifelong learning within a happy and safe place environment. As a school community we believe in:

  • Respecting ourselves and others showing responsibility
  • Valuing education and lifelong learning
  • Valuing a safe and secure environment

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