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Peer support program

Peer support is about students helping students. It is a peer-led program, which sees Year 10 students guide and support our new Year 7 students through their often nervous transition to high school, creating a sense of belonging at Colo.

The program starts with Year 10 undertaking training in order to acquire the necessary skills to lead small groups through activities which explore both social and emotional skill development. Once students have completed their training and our new Year 7 students arrive at Colo, they work together encouraging our younger students to make new friendships with their classmates, connections with their teachers and a support network with their Year 10 leaders.

This program benefits all students involved as they build resilience and confidence; develop empathy; gain a sense of responsibility; strengthen their self-esteem; gain trust and improve their communication skills. 

Peer Support is a valuable part of high school as it helps create a positive school environment for all students.