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Work education

The world and the communities in which we live are continually evolving. Changes in work, technology, training, education and the community mean that new skills and knowledge are required in order to succeed in these environments.

For young people moving through the early transition stages of their lives, this is particularly the case. All young people need a range of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that enables them to participate in their local community and the wider Australian community as active and informed citizens.

The work education elective provides students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and a contemporary understanding of the world of work, the diverse sectors within the community, and the roles of education, employment and training systems. Both paid and unpaid work will be explored through a range of contexts and issues. This includes volunteer work, casual or part-time employment, changes in industry, the changing nature of work in a local and global arena, workplace legislation, and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

Students will develop employability, enterprise and pathways planning skills. Understanding and development of employability skills will assist students to achieve the flexibility required for the workplaces of today and of the future.  The development of enterprising capabilities will empower students with the skills necessary to succeed in a labour market that is increasingly characterised by self-employment and part-time or casual work. Students will learn to successfully plan and manage life transitions including post-school pathways.