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BYOD student responsibility and agreement

Student responsibility

Students must be responsible for the following items:

1. Operating system and anti-virus:

Students must ensure they have a legal and licensed version of a supported operating system and of software. If applicable, students’ devices must be equipped with anti-virus software.

2. NSW Department of Education and Communities’ Wi-Fi network connection only:

Student devices are only permitted to connect to the department’s Wi-Fi network while at school. There is no cost for this service.

3. Battery life and charging:

Students must ensure they bring their device to school fully charged for the entire school day.

4. Theft and damage:

Students are responsible for securing and protecting their devices at school. Any loss or damage to a device is not the responsibility of the school or the Department.

5. Confiscation:

Students’ devices may be confiscated if the school has reasonable grounds to suspect that a device contains data which breaches the BYOD Student Agreement.

6. Maintenance and support:

Students are solely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their devices.

7. Ergonomics:

Students should ensure they are comfortable using their device during the school day particularly in relation to screen size, sturdy keyboard etc.

8. Data back-up:

Students are responsible for backing-up their own data and should ensure this is done regularly.

9. Insurance/warranty:

Students and their parents/caregivers are responsible for arranging their own insurance and should be aware of the warranty conditions for the device.

Student Agreement

Students must read and sign the BYOD Student Agreement in the company of a parent or caregiver unless otherwise directed by the principal.

  • I agree that I will abide by the school’s BYOD policy and that:
  • I will use the department’s Wi-Fi network for learning.
  • I will use my device during school activities at the direction of the teacher.
  • I will not attach any school-owned equipment to my mobile device without the permission of the school.
  • I will use my own portal/internet log-in details and will never share them with others.
  • I will stay safe by not giving my personal information to strangers.
  • I will not hack or bypass any hardware and software security implemented by the department or my school.
  • I will not use my own device to knowingly search for, link to, access or send anything that is:
    • offensive
    • pornographic
    • threatening
    • abusive
    • defamatory
    • considered to be bullying
  • I will report inappropriate behaviour and inappropriate material to my teacher.
  • I understand that my activity on the internet is recorded and that these records may be used in investigations, court proceedings or for other legal reasons.
  • I acknowledge that the school cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or theft of my device.
  • I understand and have read the limitations of the manufacturer’s warranty on my device, both in duration and in coverage.
  • I have read the attached BYOD Student Responsibilities document and agree to comply with the requirements.
  • I have reviewed the attached BYOD Device Requirements document and have ensured my device meets the minimum outlined specifications.
  • I have read and will abide by the NSW Department of Education and Communities’ Online Communication Services – Acceptable Usage for School Students