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School badge

Our school badge is a source of pride. Designed by mathematics teacher, Mr David Stone in consultation with our first Deputy Principal, Mr Sam Weller who proposed we incorporate the schools building plan as the basis of the design –a tree-like structure representing the tree of knowledge; with three branched sections representing our students, staff and community, all of which play an integral role in our schools philosophy. 

Our badge is presented to each of our students when they commence their secondary studies here at Colo and again as they undertake their senior studies, not just as an induction gift, but as a tangible reminder that they belong. That they are a part of the Colo community whilst at school and for life. That they always carry with them the Colo spirit and recognise those who influenced and impacted their life in a meaningful and positive way. 

We encourage students to wear their school badge with pride to serve as a reminder that they are part of an incredible network of people, who together strive for excellence. ​