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Merit award system

The Merit System at Colo High School aims to acknowledge positive actions by students in the school community. Merits may recognise positive behaviour, academic achievement, supporting staff or other students, general improvement, sporting achievement and participation in a wide range of activities. 

Yellow Merits are awarded by class teachers for any of the areas mentioned above. When a student accumulates 5 x Yellow Merits from English, Maths or Science respectively, or 3 x Yellow Merits from other subjects respectively, they may hand in to the Head Teacher of that faculty and receive a Red Merit Award for their efforts. Senior students may also achieve Red Awards this way, however, they need only 4 x Yellow Merits from any subject. Red Awards may also be awarded to students for special recognition at staff discretion. 

If a student has achieved any 2 x Red Awards, they should put them in the red box outside the PE/LOTE staffroom or hand them to the Award Coordinator (Ms Henshaw) directly. They will then be eligible to attend the Principal’s Morning Tea that term, subject to the veto/recommendation process as outlined below.

Once per term, the Awards Coordinator will distribute a list of the students eligible for the Principal’s Morning Tea. Staff are asked to provide their vetoes and recommendations for the students on the list, providing a small supporting sentence particularly for vetoes. To be awarded the Principal’s Award, a student must have demonstrated exemplary behaviour in all aspects of school life. If they are unsuccessful (i.e. vetoed by staff) they will be informed by the Awards Coordinator and encouraged to try again next term. Regardless of the outcome of the veto/recommendation process, students who submit 2 Red Awards for processing will be awarded a White Award for their efforts. These are presented at Year Assemblies or Formal Assemblies by Year Advisers. 

The Principal’s Award Ceremony is usually held in the second half of the term in the school Theatrette or Hall. The Principal, Awards Coordinator and a Guest Speaker will be in attendance as well as the award recipients and their parents or carers. The award ceremony is followed by a morning tea prepared and served by Colo High School Hospitality and Food Technology students.