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Work Experience 

Colo High School actively supports Work Experience as part of skilling our students to enter the workforce. Work Experience is available to students over the age of 14 where the school calendar permits. 

Work Experience is particularly important to those seeking an apprenticeship at the end of year 10 and deciding on a suitable TAFE course as well as those students who intend to proceed to their HSC and then to university. 

We encourage students to be proactive and practise their job-seeking skills by arranging their own host employer. The Careers Advisor is available to assist students to determine their career paths and give practical help such as writing rèsumès and cover letters. 

Parents and students are reminded, however, that the process requires mandatory paperwork and some Work Experience will require a White Card (Work Health and Safety) prior to commencing (e.g. Building and Construction). These experiences become an important component of student's rèsumè. 

Colo would also welcome parents who own businesses registering as host employers. Please contact the Careers Advisor. 

Colo High School Careers Hub

The new Colo High School Careers Hub is a website dedicated to Careers. It provides up-to-date information about University and TAFE applications, seminars and webinars, as well as links to important information around the HSC and your future job goals. 

Browse the Careers Hub website for yourself.