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Year 7 and 8 class structures at Colo High School

In Year 7 and 8, Colo High School has Aspirational Classes and mixed ability groupings. This recognises that students are still at different stages of their learning. We want every student to feel comfortable and achieve continued success.

Please note, in Year 9 and 10 subjects form their own classes based on student results, as suits their needs. 

Aspirational Classes at Colo High School

Aspirational Classes are specialised classes for Year 7 and Year 8 students who meet selection requirements. We have two Aspirational Classes in both Year 7 and 8. Such classes are designed for students who are motivated, academically aspiring and are independent learners. They are not necessarily students who have been recognised for academic excellence in the past. The classes involve extended expectations regarding involvement in enrichment activities and taking significant personal responsibility for learning. In Year 8, Aspirational Classes undertake Pinnacle which is a demanding problem solving and critical thinking program. 

We have a policy of filling any vacancies that occur in these classes immediately. We have waiting lists in readiness. Students can apply at any stage and join the relevant waiting list.

Not every student suits an Aspirational Class 

It is important to realise not all students desire to be in performance classes. Many are simply not yet ready for this challenge. Others desire a more moderate pace of learning and enjoy greater teacher direction. We ask that you discuss this issue with your child and encourage individual discussion with teachers.

Students not placed in the Aspirational Classes in Year 7 and 8 are organised in mixed ability groupings. We generally have four or so of these classes in each Year, depending on numbers. These classes are designed for students who have varied interests and strengths. Such students enjoy greater teacher direction and learning encouragement. Mixed ability students are often working towards independence but require some support to become resourceful learners. 

Self-nomination does NOT guarantee a place in an Aspirational Class 

Self-nominations for each school year close early Term 4 the year before and are assessed by a panel. We give plenty of notice to our intending Year 7 students and our current Year 7 students so they have time to consider their learning journey and decide if they are interested in applying.

Colo High School takes the process of applying very seriously. We carefully evaluate the student’s self-nomination which is designed to allow students a voice in convincing the panel they are suitable candidate. Year 6 and 7 teachers also provide a great deal of valuable information on their students. We do also look at NAPLAN results, school profiles and we will have Year 6 students complete some activities designed to help with the process.

Aspirational Information Evening and the Self-nomination Form

We hold an evening in the first week of Term 4 to provide extra information on the Aspirational Class program and the application process. This night is for the following year’s Year 7 and Year 8 students. Self-nomination forms are available from the night of the Information Evening and due back to Colo High School a few weeks later. 

Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 lockdown, we cannot guarantee that the Aspirational Class evening will go ahead this year so we ask that you complete the self-nomination form and return it to the Head Teacher Teaching and Learning via email or post by Monday 17 October 2021.

If you would like more information, or you are enrolling mid-year and would like to make an application, please contact our school office or our Head Teacher Teaching and Learning,