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School Industry Partnerships - Work Placement

School Industry Partnerships - Work Placement

School Industry Partnerships - Work Placement

Schools Industry Partnership (SIP) was formed in 1996 as a non-profit group to help schools in Western Sydney, the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains coordinate work placements for Vocational Education & Training (VET) Students, studying a range of courses supported by the Department of Education and NESA. Students in Years 11 & 12 who undertake these courses are required to undertake mandatory work placement (generally 35hrs per course year) in Industry as part of their studies. 

It has become increasingly difficult to secure one week work placements for the office-based courses i.e. Business Services, Financial Services and Information Digital Technology.  Many of our previous host employers are no longer able to host one week work placements, as many of the staff are now working flexible hours and/ or work from home for part of the week.  Schools who undertake these courses also find it difficult to release students across a number of weeks, as this affects the students study of other subjects. It is preferred to secure one week work placement for students.

Therefore, we are requesting assistance from the community to become involved in the Work Placement program. We are looking for opportunities for our VET students to undertake one week work placements in your schools or offices, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Business Services Students can undertake filing, photocopying, laminating, organising stationary cupboards, cleaning out storerooms, undertaking a stocktake, cataloguing equipment, preparing student portfolios, compiling computerised student work folders, preparing teacher resources, searching the web for resources, creating phone lists, undertake a stock take of first aid supplies and expiry dates, assist with flyers and notices to be handed out to classes for student distribution, type and copy P & C agendas & minutes, assist in the uniform shop creating stock lists, researching possible activities for book week, assisting in the Library – label books, update class list for library cards, check overdue listing, spot check shelves against stock lists and many more duties.

Information Digital Technology Students can do anything with computers ie undertake an audit of school computers listing what programs are on what computers, running computer health checks, cleaning up computers  through to creating signs and posters for events, assisting teachers in the computer lab, taking photos of students  and creating digital student compilations, assist with school newsletters and designs, creating signs for the school, creating data bases of resources, mailouts, invitations. 

Financial Services students do the basic Business Services course and would be able to help with all tasks for business but would also appreciate an overview on how schools undertake accounts processing as part of their placement.

Sports Coaching & Entertainment

We also have a small number of students who are completing the Sports Coaching and Entertainment Vocational Education Courses and who would be available (throughout the term and not necessarily for one-week blocks – generally 3-8hr sessions) to assist with coaching your school teams and/ or assisting with school carnivals/presentations/ discos/ dance performances/ setting up Audio Visual and lighting. 

Schools Industry Partnership has a dedicated team to assist, negotiate and plan the best way for your school to be involved and work with the students undertaking vocational pathways into the world of work. 

Please be assured that if the student/ students are not working out, upon notification, we will remove them and return them to their home school. 

Please contact the team via our team email address to organise for one of our officers to meet with you and discuss your schools needs.

We hope to hear from you soon, 

The Schools Industry Partnership team    


Kerrie-Lynne Tindall             Work placement Manager 

Rick Paine-Bell

Damian Jackson

Kimberley Lee

Aaron Tanti 

Cheryl Kitto 





Original letter to community (pdf).