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Principal update and Week 4 COVID-19 student schedule and senior timetable

15 May 2020


Good afternoon Colo High community.

We have made it to the end of the first week of return to school. 

Overall, students were very happy to be back to the familiarity of the school environment and to be with their friends. 

Next week will see more of the same for junior students - with each group scheduled to attend the same days commencing with Year 7 on Monday. 

For Year 11 and 12, the back end of the week will see some change. To facilitate Year 12 attending an extra day, we have scheduled them to attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Year 11 days will be Tuesday and Thursday. It is important to note that Thursday will be a regular 6 period day for all students in attendance. An up to date timetable for next week is available as an attachment to this post and on the school web page. The timetable has also been emailed to every student. 

I would like to remind students that it is desirable for them to bring their own learning device at this time in terms of both learning and hygiene.

Although there is plentiful sanitiser available around our site, students might consider also bringing their own additional supply.

We don't know when we will move to the next phase but we know it won't be next week. We are constantly planning to be ready to respond to announcements from our leaders about changes to schooling and social distancing rules and will share our thinking along the way.

We have received guidance on school reporting for this semester and will finalise a time-frame and details of the report in the next few weeks.

A big shout out to our amazing school staff who turn up and make education happen every day without fuss or fanfare. The Colo High staff are all gems.

Take care over the weekend and rest if you can. Monday will bring with it another big week and no doubt some new challenges.

Together we will get through this.

Warm Regards

Mark Sargeant


Please view and download the Week 4 Student Schedule and Senior timetable.