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Senior jacket information for Year 11 students

21 May 2020

Senior jacket information for Year 11 students

Good Morning Year 11 and Parents and Carers,

Hopefully the process of ordering your senior jacket is clear after our assembly last Friday.

Please view and download the How to Order form or head to the Reform Clothing website for instructions.

Please note that you will need to try on a physical sizing jacket over the next two weeks, whilst the samples are available at school. These samples will be available for you to try on before school, at recess and lunch times in the Home Economics block from Tuesday 19 May until Tuesday 2 June, 2020. 

Please remember, that due to social distancing there are limited times available to you to select your jacket size, so please do NOT leave this until the last minute and miss the deadline (Friday 24 July). Please also be mindful of others by leaving the jackets tidy and back on their hangers ready for the next student.

Once you have selected and confirmed your size please carefully complete your order form following the naming guidelines outlined below. If you are unsure that the name you would like is permitted please email Mrs Henry. 

Mrs Henry will be following up on orders ahead of the Friday 24 July deadline, as it takes approximately 10 weeks for the jackets to be made and we have them available for you to wear in Term 4, when you officially become Year 12 students.

Should you have any questions please direct them to Mrs Henry in Home Economics or your Year Adviser, Mr Hyde in Science.


Thank you.

Senior jacket name limitations

Students can have:

  • First or last names may be shortened or added to by the subtraction or addition of a minimal number of letters i.e. 2/3 letters to become commonly accepted variations of those names e.g. Madeline to Maddy or Maddie, Gabriella to Gabby, Isabella to Ella or Bella, Nicholas to Nick.
  • Initials
  • No nicknames
  • Only variation to this is if they have a preferred name on their enrolment form (this cannot be changed retrospectively).

As the jacket becomes part of the school uniform the school has the right to approve or not approve any names to be put on the jacket.

Senior executive has the final approval or refusal of allowed names without negotiation and the burden of proof lies with the student.

Please note in 2019 a Trial Variation to the first dot point of the Senior Jacket Name Limitations/Rules was approved by Mr Sargeant – below is what is was prior to 2019 – so please be aware of the need to stay within these new rules so we can continue with this more acceptable or typical limitation to the names allowed & not have to revert to the more rigid policy.

1st dot point (pre-2019)

·      First name or last name, in full, these can be abbreviated by removing letters (from the back end only).  Cannot add any letters in.

For example: Samantha can be abbreviated to Sam but not Samie; Sargeant can be abbreviated to Sarge; Rebecca cannot be abbreviated to Bec.