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Aspirations Class 2024

Aspirational Class 2024

Aspirational Class 2024

Dear Year 6 Parents and Caregivers, 

Thank you for your interest in Colo High School. Ours is a school with an outstanding history of academic excellence. We pride ourselves on encouraging all students to reach their goals in a supportive environment. We recognise that students enter Year 7 at different stages of learning. To encourage every student to feel comfortable and achieve continued success, we offer both Aspirational and mixed ability class groupings in our Year 7 organisation. 

Aspirational Classes are specialised classes for students who meet selection requirements. Such classes are designed for students who are highly motivated, academically aspiring and are proven independent learners. They are not necessarily students who have been recognised for academic excellence in the past. The classes involve extended expectations regarding involvement in enrichment activities, extension of learning and taking significant personal responsibility for learning. 

The number of Aspirational Classes offered at Colo HS in 2024 will be dependent of the number and quality of applicants. Students who wish to be considered for placement in the 2024 Aspirational classes will be required to complete the self-nomination process outlined below.

Not every student suits an Aspirational class. 

It is important to realise not all students desire to be in performance classes. Many are simply not yet ready for this challenge. Others desire a more moderate pace of learning. Be advised, we do offer the same opportunity for Year 8 classes and your child may choose to wait until then to apply. Selection in an Aspirational class in Year 7 does not guarantee placement in Year 8. A separate process is used for Year 8. 

Students not in an Aspirational class will be in mixed ability groupings. These classes are designed for students who have varied interests and strengths. Such students enjoy greater teacher direction and learning encouragement. These students are often working towards independence but require some support to become resourceful learners. 

Self-nomination does NOT guarantee a place in an Aspirational class. 

Colo High School has always worked very closely with your primary school in class placement. In Week 2, Term 4 the Head Teacher Transition and Academic Performance will attend each local primary school to conduct a brief literacy and numeracy assessment (this task will be sent to students from non-feeder schools via email). Year 6 teachers provide a great deal of valuable information regarding their students. We do also look at NAPLAN/standardized test data. 

Whatever learning stage your child is at, we are excited to help begin the journey into high school. It is a big step, but one that we will work to make as smooth as possible. We look forward to meeting everyone on Orientation Day later in the year. 

Year 7 2024 Aspirations class: Self Nomination process:

Any student who would like to be considered for a position in an Aspirational class for Year 7 in 2024 is to complete the Aspirational Class Self Nomination form. This form will be emailed directly to 2024 Year 7 parents, available on the school website or in hard copy at the Front Office.

Applications must be returned to Colo High School by Sunday 29th October 2023. Late applications will not be considered past this date as the selection panel is required to meet at this time to determine classes. Applications may be posted or emailed to colo­ The form should be directed to the Head Teacher Transition and Academic Performance.

Applicants will be notified by email before the end of the 2023 school year if they have been successful or if they have been placed on a wait list. 

Warm regards,

Tara Cullen (R/Principal) and Russell Thorpe (Head Teacher Transition and Academic Progress).